The Vision for the Centenary Hall




We proudly present our proposal for a new Assembly Hall and performance venue, which will enrich and enhance the experience of our pupils for generations to come. It addresses our critical need for a space where the whole school can meet together and will transform the life of the school, as well as having important benefits for the local area and communities.

The Timeline

We are delighted to announce that Pre-Planning App has been approved and the full Planning Submission is being submitted week commencing 17th June. We are aiming to complete the new Centenary Hall project by April 2026.

Centenary Hall Timeline v2


The Vision  

Side Building ViewIt will be much more than just a performance space: it will be a place where we can gather as a school for assemblies, a place to celebrate each other’s achievements, and a place where we can invite friends and family to join us for many inspirational moments.

Deliberately placed within a stone’s throw of the heart of the school, it will also quickly become essential to the school community. The building integrates with the main school site seamlessly, and cleverly brings the spaces of the current site closer together. Importantly, these proposals have been prepared to preserve and respect the heritage of our site, minimising disruption to Ashfold’s historic assets and setting, whilst maximising the benefits for our pupils and community.

As we embark on this journey we invite everyone to work with us to bring this vision to a reality, investing in the future of the school, the future of the local community, and the future lives of our Ashfold pupils.


The Location

In seeking an ideal location for our new School Centenary Hall, several potential sites were examined. However, our commitment to preserving the rich heritage of Ashfold School guided this decision-making process.

CH 3After extensive consultations with the school and heritage experts, it became evident that many of the proposed sites could pose a threat to our cherished heritage assets, particularly those to the north. Recognising the significance of these assets, we resolved to choose a location that would minimise any impact while still seamlessly integrating into our school community.

The selected development site, nestled amidst existing buildings to the north and east, provides a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Although it may not be at the heart of the school, its strategic placement ensures it remains an integral part of daily school life, embodying the spirit of our community.

Moreover, the discreet nature of the site grants us the freedom to prioritise the building’s functionality and performance. Designed to stand proudly amongst more modern additions like the Art and Design Building, our proposed venue boasts a striking architectural concept that captures the essence of our vision.

With a grand entrance facing eastward, adorned with expansive glazing and inviting courtyard spaces, our new hall beckons both pupils and visitors alike. It’s not just a building; it’s a symbol of our aspirations, a beacon of creativity, and a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence.


The Layout

The proposed hall at Ashfold has been meticulously designed to serve as a dynamic and adaptable space, seamlessly integrating functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics.


Accessed from the east, it links well with the wider school site, ensuring accessibility for all. Centrally located within the building is the main hall, surrounded by flexible spaces such as the foyer and classroom to the east. These areas can be easily configured to accommodate various activities, from large gatherings to small teaching groups. The foyer, in particular, serves as a welcoming gateway to the assembly hall, offering additional function space for events and teaching.

CH PlansDesigned for versatility, the hall features a flat floor with adjustable seating arrangements, optimised for performances and events. Natural light floods the space through windows on both north and south sides, promoting a well-lit and ventilated environment year-round.

Furthermore, passive ventilation systems, including stack-driven roof terminals, eliminate the need for cooling plant, enhancing energy efficiency and the project sustainability goals.

Carefully situated to minimise visual impact and preserve heritage assets, the building harmoniously integrates into its surroundings. Its alignment with the existing astroturf not only screens it from the south but also creates new external multi-functional spaces against existing buildings.

In line with sustainable practices, the building prioritises energy efficiency through enhanced insulation, passive ventilation, and renewable energy systems like photovoltaics and heat pumps. Additionally, its construction emphasises recyclable materials and standardised components, ensuring longevity and adaptability in a changing climate.

The proposed building embodies Ashfold’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence, promising to inspire and serve generations to come.