Design Technology

The aim of our Design Technology (DT) curriculum is to inspire and nurture children’s creativity and imagination. They learn how to take risks and how to learn from their mistakes.

Ashfold school 102In the Pre-Prep, the children’s study of DT is cross-curricular and supports work in many subjects, including English, Maths, Science, Humanities, RS and Art. From Form 1 (Year 3), children enjoy a double lesson each week with the Head of DT in our modern Art & Design Centre.

The Art & Design Centre is an inspirational learning environment equipped with outstanding facilities including traditional equipment and the latest technologies, such as resources for computer-aided design and manufacture, a vacuum former and laser cutter.

Our DT curriculum is wide-ranging and includes Product Design, Textiles Technology and Cooking & Nutrition.

Product Design

We introduce children to the product development process. By analysing existing products and researching and creating relevant design ideas, the children learn how to work independently on practical tasks. Our extensive range of equipment allows the children to achieve a high quality finish, creating products they are proud to share.

Textiles Technology

We teach children how to use different materials to enhance products. They explore how to create 2 and 3 dimensional shapes. The older children learn how to use the sewing machines.


Cooking & NutritionAshfold School 287

As they progress through the School, children learn to prepare a variety of dishes using a range of cooking techniques. They begin to understand where their food comes from and how to apply the principles of a healthy and varied diet. By the time they reach Form 6 (Year 8), children have learnt to cook a repertoire of dishes so that they are able to feed themselves and others, leaving Ashfold as confident, happy chefs!

The skills children acquire in DT are transferable and can be applied to any path they may choose as they grow up – the ability to ‘think outside the box’ is invaluable.

Pam Lawson
Head of Design Technology

"Teaching makes excellent use of a wide range of high quality resources in specialist areas such as design and technology (DT) and art"

- Latest ISI Inspection Report