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Ashfold Parents' Committee

Welcome to Ashfold Parents’ Committee (APC).

Our role is to help develop the school community - the Ashfold family – by hosting fun social events for parents and children. Ashfold is a friendly, family-orientated school and we would love you to be involved in our community.

Each year group has a Form Representative. The Form Reps help new parents settle in, provide information and support to their year group, and organise APC events.

"The school has excellent links with its parents"

- ISI Inspection Report 2015

In addition to the APC, we encourage a 'Friends of the Parents Committee' group, which allows parents to be involved in our events without having the responsibility of being on the Committee. Please contact your Form Rep if you would like to get involved.

Our events are listed below and in the Calendar. We also post regular reminders in the Weekly Mailing. Any funds raised from the events go towards a wide range of projects benefitting our children throughout the School.

Please feel free to contact me or your Form Rep if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you at our events this year.

Suzanne Jacobs


Pre-Prep I Vickie Shaw
Pre-Prep II Francesca Murray-Smith
Pre-Prep III Jo Haigh
Transition Louisa Moreton
Form I Nanette Dart
Form II Rebecca Brydon 
Form III Steve Jefferyes
Form IV Islay Lord
Form V Sarah Chester
Form VI Katie Jamieson
Chair Suzanne Jacobs
Treasurer Salma Shamsuddin


Tuesday 30 April, 20.00 APC Committee Meeting Library 
Tuesday 7 May, 08.15 Parents’ Coffee Morning Saloon 
Thursday 20 June, 08.15 Parents’ Coffee Morning Saloon 
Friday 5 July, 18.00 End of Term BBQ North Lawn



  • Community - To help build the wider school community so that parents feel part of the Ashfold family. APC is central to the process of welcoming new families to the School and introducing them to other families with children in the same year group. The Committee also organises a regular programme of formal and informal events and encourages families to attend.

  • Advice and Support - To give Ashfold parents advice about routine school matters, such as uniform, as well as information about the local community including local amenities, clubs, shops, restaurants etc.

  • Representation - To provide an additional conduit for the views of parents to be represented to the Headmaster. Parents are, however, encouraged to contact their child's Form Tutor in the first instance about all academic and pastoral matters.

  • Fund-raising - Finally, although most APC events are free of charge or run at cost, any funds raised are donated to school projects.


The Committee includes:

  • A Chair
  • A Treasurer
  • Form Representatives - usually, there is one parent representative appointed for each year group in the School.

Parents wishing to join the Committee are encouraged to contact the Chair. When a vacancy arises, the Chair will consider applications with other Committee members and appoint a new member.

The Friends of the Parents' Committee group provides opportunities for parents who are not on the Committee but who would like to become more involved in school life and help with the organisation and running of APC events. Any parent wishing to become a Friend should contact their Form Representative.

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