At Ashfold we encourage children to think about their responsibilities towards the world around them and in particular those in need. Each year we support a charity and hold a number of fundraising events throughout the year ranging from home clothes days to sponsored 'spellathons'. These events provide a positive focus and an opportunity for our school community to come together to support other communities, both at home and abroad.

Blues for Loos Charity (11)

This year's Pupil Charity Committee have decided to support three different charities with the following fundraising events:

The Pupil Charity Committee produce posters and a Powerpoint presentation which they deliver to the whole school in assembly. The children are supported by staff who help organise the fundraising events in school and the oversea charities.

The Charity Committee also take on board ideas from other children of charities to support in the future. Next year we are looking to support Oscar Foundation for the whole year.

"Pupils' social awareness and sense of responsibility are excellent"

- ISI Inspection Report