Utilising the school’s extensive grounds and specialist facilities, the skills and interests of staff as well as the expertise of external instructors, we aim to provide a diverse and exciting programme of activities for every child.

Ashfold School 296 croppedThe programme allows our children to learn new and develop existing skills as well as socialise with children in other year groups.  

It also allows our children to take responsibility for their own decisions as they make informed choices about which activities they wish to do, each term.  Children are involved with developing the breadth and style of activities on offer, discussing the programme of activities during school council meetings. 

From .22 rifle shooting in our underground range to cooking and baking sweet and savoury treats in our fully equipped kitchen, there really is something to inspire and interest every child.  

All children attend a range of recreational, creative, academic and sporting activities throughout the week, in an activities slot which forms part of every child’s normal school day: 

  • Pre-Prep activity slot from 3.30pm - 4.30pm 
  • Form 1-2 activity slot from 4.40pm - 5.20pm 
  • Form 3-6 activity slot from 5.20 - 6.00pm
The list below shows some of our previous and current activities.
.22 Rifle Shooting Cricket Metal work
Academic Scholars Club Dance Model Club
Ancient Greek Early Prep Orienteering
Archery Fishing Origami Club
Attenborough Club Fishing Pottery Club
Badminton Football Reading Club
Board and Card Games Funky Fashion Senior Play
Boys Club Girls Club Sewing Club
Challenge it! Golf Sports Hall Olympics
Chess Club HIIT Training Swimming 
Climbing Club Hockey Tennis
Coding Club Karate Ultimate Frisbee
Comic Club Kwik Cricket Vex Robotics
Craft Club Lego Challenge

The choice of activities changes each term and we always try to offer something for everyone. We also hold a husting at school when members of staff present the activities to the children.

"An excellent range of activities and extra-curricular clubs promote the pupils' high levels of personal development"

- Latest ISI Inspection Report