"A strong team spirit develops through the house system and participation in team games"

- ISI Inspection Report 

On entering the School, children join one of three Houses:  

House House Colour
Dragons Green
Gryphons Blue
Lions Red

Each House is led by a member of staff and a Head of House, appointed from the Sixth Form. The Houses meet each week for a House Assembly to celebrate the achievements of the children and their House. Siblings always join the same House.

There are many inter-House competitions during the academic year; they cover all aspects of life at Ashfold including poetry, creative writing, art, music and sport. Children can earn credits for their House by participating in these competitions and taking part in events such as our traditional Pancake Day Races. Credits are also awarded for representing the School, good behaviour, manners and academic endeavour. 

At the end of each term, the House with the most points wins the prestigious House Challenge Cup. In the Prep School, there is a House Feast at the beginning of the following term for the winning House. In the Pre-Prep, children celebrate with a House Treat during the first House Assembly of term.

Children develop a strong sense of loyalty toward their Houses during their time at Ashfold; belonging to a House provides many opportunities for developing friendships, confidence and teamwork.