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Boarding - Week 10

With Form IV off enjoying their residential Classics trip in Bath, it’s been a relatively quiet week on the Boarding Wing.

That said, we’ve still had plenty of fun with a movie night on Monday, Twister fun on Tuesday, Murder in the Mansion and Tuck on Wednesday and finally Xbox Fifa fun on Thursday.

The 14 members of Model Club plus Gap student, Scarlett, have been busy making an amazing array of monsters and aircraft again this week. Warhammer figures and tanks are popular and need carefully gluing and painting in a variety of colours that go by weird and wonderful names such as Mournfang Brown and Mephiston Red!

It’s good to see that aircraft kits remain so popular – we currently have a couple of Red Arrows and a B-17 under construction. There's always time to chat with friends and relax while creating these marvellous models.

We saw some very impressive work from Photography Club this week, combining different skills to create pieces entitled The Ashfold Times, Ong Man, How to Make a Model and Guess Who. Over the past few weeks the children have been looking at different compositions when taking photographs, including: Rule of thirds, Limb chops, Leading lines and Fill the frame. Meanwhile, Cookery Club made some very large Chocolate Chip cookies – yum!

The week has ended with Hustings (when staff present next term’s evening activities to the children) causing quite a flurry of excitement. Lots of fun to be had next term and I am already looking forward to those long Summer evenings in our wonderful grounds.

Liza James


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