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Great Fire of London Day

Children in Transition dressed as Stuarts and travelled back to 1666 for their Great Fire of London day with history specialists, History Off the Page.

They enjoyed taking part in a carousel of activities including bread making, candle making, leatherwork, embroidery, weaving and a spot of archaeology!

“First we came into the Saloon and sat down so that the teacher could talk to us. Second, we did some Stuart jobs. I did weaving – it was really, really fun! But you had to concentrate! Then I did some more and then we had lunch. It is hard work being a Stuart.

Finally, we sat around a London map. I loved Great Fire of London Day!”

Eva, Transition (Year 2)

“There were different workshops. I was a scrivener. We made ink with Arabic gum and charcoal. Then I went to the bakers. We made the plaited bread with flour, salt and water with barley on top.”

Annabel, Transition (Year 2)

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