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Boarding - Week 10

It’s been a busy few weeks on the Boarding Wing and in evening activities.

Rugby coach, Mr. Mountford, made a guest appearance at Sports Hall Olympics this week and joined in with the indoor football and quick cricket. Easily the best session this term with individual cricket scores going down to the wire and Charlie C coming out on top…just!

A 3-a-side football match saw Luke W, Tate W and Harry J overcoming Mr. Mountford, Mr Hopkin and Charlie C in a 7-4 thriller! Meanwhile, the Senior Musical is going from strength to strength and staff and children are all enjoying it immensely.

What can I say about bowling this week? I think the video above says it all!

With so many novice shooters on a Tuesday evening, it has been great to see their progress. Having learned weapon and range safety, they began work on their fire positions and aiming. In no time at all they have been routinely scoring 40+ out of a highest possible score (HPS) of 50. Girls are dominant at the moment; Molly and Tara have already earned standards for scoring 48 and last Tuesday, Molly scored 49!  Meanwhile, our most experienced shot, Olivia, continues to impress, shooting 5-bull targets and scoring an impressive 95/100 HPS two weeks ago. Well done to all our shooters.

A big thank you from Mr Frise to Eleanor, Imogen and Keira for organising a wonderful activity for Game Night on Wednesday. They did a lot of work in their own time and everyone enjoyed it immensely.

Much to the initial dismay of the bakers in Cookery Club, this week was Savoury Week and time to make cheese sticks. That said, they were absolutely thrilled with the results and couldn't eat them quickly enough!

Thank you to all the children and staff for a lovely few weeks.

Liza James
Head of Boarding

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