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Boarding - Week 4

Hello from the Boarding Wing!

We’ve had a great week of evening activities. The boys have really enjoyed Sports Hall Olympics. Football, basketball and badminton have all proved popular with tag rugby, street hockey and Ultimate Frisbee coming soon!

Bowling has been great fun and the Gap students are enjoying it so much they are even tagging along on their evenings off. The competition is hotting up with only 21 points separating the top five bowlers’ average scores and 48 points separating their aggregate scores.

Robotics charges on. The arena is ready and now the robots are taking shape. The team have been thinking about ideas for taking on all-comers in the latest Vex IQ Championship game, Ringmaster.  The children are learning different ways of team-working, listening to each other’s ideas and learning new skills aplenty.

Cookery Club have made the most delicious Aztec biscuits this week, thanks to Laura’s special recipe. And that’s 4 out of the 11 activities we have each week!

Have a restful weekend everyone.

Liza James
Head of Boarding

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