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Mr Duncan Watson-Parris from the University of Oxford’s Physics Department gave the Scholars a great deal to think about during his session on climate change.

He explained how the Greenhouse Effect works – with the help of an infra-red camera – and showed us some of the consequences of a warming atmosphere. A time-lapse film of a melting ice cap was quite riveting.

The scholars came up with ways to help deal with the situation, which included humans evolving (rather quickly!), giant fans to help cool the ice caps and a suit that would help us live in hotter temperatures! They then focused on our use of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions and how these are being dealt with by different countries.

We delved into global politics and economics as well as the moral and social implications. I am indebted to Mr Watson-Parris for clearly explaining these important issues to our scholars.

Adrian Downie
Director of Studies

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