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School Escape Rooms

Forms I - III took part in a series of problem-solving workshops led by School Escape Rooms.

The children were both curious and excited about this event. On entering the room, they saw some plain wooden boxes but knew nothing of the challenges that lay within.

They had to work together to solve Mathematical puzzles which provided them with a code to release the padlock to their box or a compartment within their box. Each compartment within the box contained a clue to solve a puzzle or a new puzzle. The final challenge was to retrieve the key locked away at the bottom of the box, to open the timer box and stop the timer.

In total there were 12 padlocks to open and the children were very successful in completing their puzzles and unlocking the different compartments. Reasoning, problem-solving and logic were all put to good use and the children thoroughly enjoyed enriching their understanding of Maths. 

Carol Goodman
Form III Tutor

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