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Abingdon Prep Schools Business Challenge

A team of 6 children from Form IV competed in the annual Prep Schools Business Challenge at Abingdon School and won the marketing quiz.

The children pitted their wits against pupils from 6 other prep schools including Abingdon Prep, Brockhurst, The Dragon, Summer Fields, St Andrew’s (Pangbourne) and Thomas’s (Battersea).

The children had to design and market a new breakfast cereal. Having agreed on who to appoint as MD of their company (Olly), they had to decide on a target market and product details, including what was going into their cereal, how they were going to package it, how they were going to advertise it, how much they were going to charge for it and where to sell it.

They had to present a 3-minute ‘pitch’ to the judges and promote their ideas. Their presentation involved every team member making a contribution and it was quite nerve-wracking for them all.

Whilst the judges were deliberating, there was a marketing quiz which our team won! They had to identify logos from a picture snippet of each logo. They worked well as a team and were awarded individual cups. Well do to everyone involved!

Jan Price
Head of RS & PSHE


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