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Evening Activities continue apace

It’s been a busy few weeks with a huge range of exciting activities from cookery to golf and robotics, as well as lots of fun and games in the boarders’ common room.

As this year’s VEX competition season draws to a close, our young roboticists have been reflecting on their success. With one of our teams making the finals of the National VEX IQ Challenge, there has been plenty to talk about, including new techniques and shared experiences. We are already looking forward to the next season, which begins in the summer and brings with it a new game and fresh challenges.

Meanwhile, this term’s activities programme has continued apace with children in cookery club baking mouth-watering delights including scrumptious, orange queen cakes and my favourites, good old chocolate chip cookies.

Monday night golfers have enjoyed full use of the driving range as well as the re-introduction of the ‘trackman’ to measure how far they are hitting the ball – not just the distance, but their club speed, trajectory and angle of the club face.

Miss Hadley and Gap student, Ron, have been kept on their toes while the children have tackled different obstacle courses and ball games each week during Mis-Match Sports.

Variety Club saw an intense, exciting and well-matched game of Bunker Buster this week. Both teams had to score points by knocking down a target or eliminating the opposition! Cunning tactics were employed by both sides to avoid being hit out!

Boarders have had oodles of fun in the Common Room and Games Room, playing board games, Fifa competitions, pool, air hockey and table football, not to mention watching the odd film.

Liza James
Housemistress & Head of Boarding

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