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Pre-Prep II go on a dinosaur hunt

Children in Pre-Prep II took a trip back in time on a visit to Oxford University Museum of Natural History to learn more about dinosaurs and other pre-historic creatures.

Education leader, Chris, enthralled them with his extensive knowledge of palaeontology and his amazing drawings of dinosaurs. They learned all about the formation of fossils and examined a T Rex’s jaw bone, teeth, eggs and skin.

There were lots of questions and Arthur spotted that the T Rex’s tooth fitted in the hole in the jaw bone. He deduced that it might have been lost in a fight over territory or protection of eggs – when he tested his theory, the tooth fitted in the hole!

Everyone joined in measuring and comparing the size of raptor and megalosaurus footprints. Exploring the Museum, the children gazed up at the Iguanodon and the T Rex’s head. They also enjoyed viewing butterflies, minerals, ammonite fossils, a furry badger, an otter and bears.

The children’s behaviour was excellent and they made us proud as members of the public stopped to express their admiration.

Freddie summed up our trip nicely, "This is the best day ever!"

Kiron Wilcox
Pre-Prep II Form Teacher


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