Our Aims & Ethos

A huge number of things happen each week at Ashfold, but at the heart of everything do, we always focus on enhancing the educational experience of each individual child. Academic learning is the core purpose of any school and we give our children the firmest possible grounding in the core subjects, whilst also preparing them for life beyond Ashfold, developing skills and character that will serve them throughout their education and into adulthood.

"An inspiring and nurturing

environment which puts children first"

- Good Schools Guide

We look to develop a sense of wonderment and fun in learning, with inspiring lessons that often take the children all around and beyond the curriculum. As children move up the school they are increasingly taught by specialist subject teachers, who bring their passion and enthusiasm for their subject to their lessons. We organise regular trips and residential visits, as well as providing outside speakers and performers to bring learning to life.

We encourage every child to find the areas or subjects in which they can excel, building their confidence and self-esteem. We look to challenge and stretch the children at every stage of school life, making sure that they fulfil their potential. When the time is right, we will prepare your child for their chosen senior school and every year many of our children attempt and are awarded scholarships to Senior schools.

Ashfold is a small, caring family community where the children know each other and all of the staff well.

Our outstanding pastoral care comes from a clear focus on individuals and a very strong sense of community. In assemblies children learn to celebrate other pupils’ success as well as their own and to respect and be kind to those around them. We are a caring family community, where the staff know the children well and, just as importantly, the children know and trust the staff really well. We look to welcome the whole family to as many events at school as possible, both academic and social, so that they can feel properly involved with their children’s lives and educational journeys.

We aim to give our children a broad education, giving them as many opportunities and experiences as possible, whilst also looking to their spiritual and moral development. We aim to inspire and challenge children of all abilities, both in and out of the classroom, with an enriching and varied co-curricular programme. When our children get out of the car (or the dormitory!) in the morning they have so many different things to look forward to in their school day: it might be academic lessons, sports, drama, music, DT, art, activities, charity projects or just breaktime in the grounds with their friends.

We want our children to leave Ashfold with precious memories, enduring friendships and strong values that will last a lifetime.