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Why boarding?

"The outcomes for boarders are excellent"

"Boarders are articulate, polite and sociable"

- ISI Inspection Report 2015

We believe that children benefit enormously from boarding at Ashfold. Most children begin by boarding one night a week and increase the number of nights as they become more confident and experience the fun of boarding.

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Boarding at Ashfold has many advantages...

  • It offers the perfect opportunity for children to learn to take responsibility for themselves and become more independent.
  • It allows children to spend more time together to share experiences and develop friendships. They become part of the boarding community where they learn to be considerate and respect others.
  • It helps children gain confidence and develop interpersonal skills in a warm, supportive, family environment.
  • It allows children to take full advantage of our programme of evening activities. They benefit from extra time to pursue their interests and make the most of Ashfold’s excellent facilities.
  • It provides both parents and children with an opportunity to find out whether boarding might be an option when choosing a senior school.
  • It helps busy parents juggling work commitments with school runs and after-school clubs.
  • It offers a positive, rewarding and fun experience and children love it!