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Boarding Routine

5.55pm Prep ends and children change into home clothes
6.00pm Supper in the Main Dining Room
6.30pm Evening Activities start
7.30pm Evening Activities end
Boarders meet in the Senior Dining Room for drinks and snacks and registration
8.10pm Children shower, clean shoes, tidy dorms and enjoy free time
8.45pm Bedtime - Forms III & IV (Years 5 & 6) read quietly in bed
8.55pm Whispers - Forms III & IV
9.00pm Lights out - Forms III & IV
9.15pm Bedtime - Forms V & VI (Years 7 & 8) read quietly in bed
9.25pm Whispers - Forms V & VI
9.30pm Lights out - Forms V & VI
7.20am Wake up
7.40am Breakfast in the Main Dining Room
8.00am Children get ready for the day and report to Housemistress before school
8.15am Registration in classrooms