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Gifted & Talented

Our staff are experienced at identifying and nurturing gifted and talented children. Each year around half our Form VI (Year 8) children take Scholarship examinations to some of the best senior schools in the country and we are very proud of our scholarship record.

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We invite all children in Forms IV – VI (Years 6 – 8) to attend our Academic Masterclasses. These are held twice a term and are designed to give the children an insight into academic subjects beyond the classroom.

Our most able children are extended through differentiated activities in lessons. We also have a Scholars' Club for children in Forms V and VI (Years 7 and 8) which aims to ignite their intellectual curiosity, enrich their knowledge and develop their problem-solving skills.

Our programme of weekly sessions for talented children in Forms IV - VI (Years 6 - 8), known as Talented Thursdays, helps children fulfil their potential and in many cases, achieve scholarships. There are sessions in Art, Design Technology, Drama, Music, Computing and Sport. These sessions are run by specialist staff and have proved both enjoyable and successful in providing an opportunity for children to develop their specific talents.

Owen Venables
Head of Gifted & Talented