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Ashfold May Ball


Ball Update October 2020

Please put 8th May 2021 in the diary for a delayed, but much anticipated Ashfold Ball.  These delays have been so frustrating, but they offer the best chance of us sharing a brilliant, ‘normal’ ball in the true Ashfold tradition. This remains the plan, and we hope you share our excitement about what should be a fantastic night and something to look forward to during the colder, darker weeks ahead.

However, we have to be realistic.  Although our fingers remain firmly crossed, we remain subject to rules around mass gatherings and the state of COVID in the Spring.

We will do everything we can to put on a wonderful and safe night.  It’s impossible to guarantee how closely the ball will resemble its original plan, but whatever the bigger picture, we can commit to providing a hugely enjoyable event that will raise funds for local children’s charity PACE, and the school.  Charities have been hit extremely hard by Covid-19 and we want to honour our pledge to support to them however we can. We hope that you feel the same way. 

We believe that by March 2021 there should be enough clarity around the virus to confirm the precise shape the ball will take.  We will send a definite plan at that point. 

 If you are new to the school or weren’t able to purchase tickets last time, there will be an opportunity to do so in the Spring

So please save the date with fingers firmly crossed: 8 May 2021!

 Thanks again for your understanding and continued support.

 Ashfold Ball Committee



We are incredible grateful to our sponsors for their fantastic support and look forward to working with them to raise record breaking funds for PACE and Ashfold.

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A million dreams'

is all it's going to take...

Ashfold May Ball 2020 Committee:

Anna Bernstein - (Form II)
Eloise Hepple - Chair (Form III, Form I & PPI)
Caroline Hunter - (Form III, Trans & PPII)
Gemma Smith - (Form V & Trans)
Natalie Thorne - (Form II)

Ashfold Ball Committee 2019

Left-right: Caroline Hunter, Natalie Thorne, Gemma Smith, Eloise Hepple, Anna Bernstein