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Boarding - Week 4

It has been wonderful to see the children running around the grounds taking part in a flurry of activities in the warm summer sun each evening.

Monday night golfers have thoroughly enjoyed their trips to Studley Wood Golf Club where they receive expert tuition and work on improving their swing each week.

The competition between Forms III and VI on the football pitch has been fierce with Form III really giving Form VI a run for their money (with the help of Miss Haynes and Josh D).

The introduction of our new water polo balls and hats has gone down well with our ‘Summer Splashers’ on Tuesday evenings. I’m not sure who enjoys it more, the Gap students or the children…!

The children in .22 Shooting continue to impress, especially Daisy A with a score card of 49/50 this week. Well done Daisy.

After Freddie M’s impressive catch in Fishing Club last week (a 2lb Perch), Harry B went on to catch the biggest Carp yet this week.

On Wednesday night, those involved in ‘Challenge It’ enjoyed playing water polo, toasting marshmallows over an open fire and the best part of the week – Tuck.

Thursday's Cookery Club have made cheesy pizza and extremely chocolatey chocolate chip cookies. Definitely my highlight of the week!

In Summer Sport Club, they’ve had great fun over the past couple of weeks managing to play tennis, ultimate Frisbee, baseball and cricket - all finished off with a splash in the pool. Oh and not to mention, Water polo!

Liza James


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