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Form V Civil War Morning

As part of their look at the English Civil War, Form V enjoyed a visit by the re-enactment society, The Sealed Knot.

Our guests, Mike, Sandra and Terry, began by showing us clothes from the 17th Century and we learned how what you wore demonstrated your social status. We also found out how wool was used in a great deal of clothes and where linen comes from. We then moved on to eating and the children were shown how hands were used a great deal and so a serviette over the shoulder was very necessary!

The children then heard impassioned speeches by a Royalist and a Parliamentarian and had to decide which side to join in the Civil War.

Afterwards we all moved outside where we were taught how to drill with both a pike and a musket. We all enjoyed watching a matchlock musket being loaded and fired by Terry and learned at first-hand what a 'flash-in-the-pan' really is. After some practice, the Ashfold Regiment, following its maroon colours and Sandra on the drum, impressed with its synchronised marching and very loud shouting.

Form V made the most of the Sealed Knot members’ expertise and enthusiasm and now have a much deeper understanding of this important part of our history.

Adrian Downie
Director of Studies & Head of History

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