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Author, Harriet Goodwin, visits Ashfold

Author of The Boy Who Fell Down Exit 43, Harriet Goodwin, visited Ashfold as part of our World Book Day celebrations.

She told a packed Saloon about how she became a writer of several successful books and how the writing and publishing process works. It was a fascinating insight into how ideas can come about and how an author then sets about refining their work, and how agents and publishers all play their part in getting a book onto our shelves.

Harriet’s first idea was inspired by a crazy dream and one of her later novels came about after watching Susan Boyle audition for Britain’s Got Talent!

She told us of her life bringing up four boys, singing in operas and living without a TV – quite a shock to the audience! Harriet reckons that everyone has ten minutes a day they could use to write their own book or do something creative.

Harriet ran two workshops with Junior and Senior children which helped them develop their own creative writing skills.

Harriet’s website www.harrietgoodwinbooks.com is well worth checking out and she will always reply to anyone who gets in touch or offers up another Exit.

Adrian Downie
Director of Studies

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