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Form VI watch Persae at Bradfield

Form VI visited Bradfield College to watch a performance of 'Persae' ('The Persians') by Aeschylus. First performed in 472 B.C., this is the oldest existing play in the world and explores the reaction of the Persians to news of their crushing defeat under Xerxes at the Battle of Salamis.

It was wonderful to see Old Ashfoldian, Carys Tyson-Taylor, in the cast. Unfortunately the rain meant that we had to watch the play in the Chapel rather than the College's replica Greek theatre, which was built by staff and pupils in the late nineteenth century. Since 1890, the College has put on a Greek play every three years, performed by the pupils in the original language. It was quite an experience! 

Earlier in the day, Form VI visited Pizza Express in Bicester as part of their post-Common Entrance programme. They enjoyed learning about the ingredients that make up the company’s favourite pizzas and then had a go at making one themselves. The pizzas were promptly devoured once back at school.

Caroline Germany
Head of Classics

Adrian Downie
Director of Studies


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