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PPII's Trip to Blenheim Palace Gardens

PPII had a wonderful day at Blenheim Palace. The Education Officers led a talk about the life cycle of a butterfly and asked children to consider the sizes of the largest and smallest butterflies, the butterfly senses and the importance of butterflies within a green and healthy environment. We went into the butterfly house and the children were thrilled to see lots of sizes, patterns and activities. ‘ Is it real? ‘ asked a child. One landed on Arthur’s hat, he stayed very still so that it could flutter away ‘I could not see the colours because it was on top of my hat!’ Everyone spotted their favourites and learnt some new names. Eggs were spied on leaves and caterpillars munching through leaves were clearly observed.

The rest of the day, we went on a return train to the palace gardens and then spent ages playing at the sensational adventure playground!

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