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Ashfold goes stargazing

Children and staff enjoyed an out-of-this-world experience, exploring the Solar System and the night sky, during a visit by a mobile planetarium.

Pupils from Pre-Prep I upwards stepped inside the planetarium (an inflatable dome) and took a trip through the Milky Way. Guided by an experienced astronomy expert, they looked at the stars in the night sky and learned how to recognise the constellations and the stories associated with them. Taking a closer look at some of the planets, they discovered what makes Earth so special.

The astronomer was extremely impressed not only by how much the children already knew about space, but also by their curiosity and thoughtful questions. Topics for discussion ranged from day and night, stars and constellations, the Moon and planets to nebulas and black holes!

This was a brilliant, immersive learning experience and a fantastic way to learn more about Space Science.

Shaun Frise
Head of Science

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