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Pre-Prep II meet George, the Barn Owl

Pre-Prep II were thrilled to welcome barn owl, George, and meet Bill and Simon from Buckinghamshire Owl and Raptor Group (BORG) during a visit to school.

The children enjoyed hearing about the work of BORG which promotes barn owl and raptor conservation throughout Buckinghamshire. They were particularly interested in learning about the benefits of nestboxes and providing nesting opportunities for birds of prey.

Everyone had an opportunity to stroke George and examine some barn owl feathers – the serrated edges allow owls to fly with ‘just a whisper’ of sound. They also learned about how an owl’s face acts as a radar and how they have excellent hearing and will fly several metres to pick up a mouse.

Our thanks to Bill, Simon and of course,George, for such a stimulating and interesting visit.

Kiron Wilcox
Pre-Prep II Form Teacher


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