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Boarding - Week 5

What a wonderful week on the Boarding Wing! It’s a joy to see the children involved in so many different activities…

On Monday, Cushion Comforts Club made some wonderful strawberry-shaped cushions. Meanwhile, the shuttlecock flew round the Sports Hall to the sounds of a very loud Top Ten (imagine playing Badminton in a full-on disco)! Our Golfers thoroughly enjoyed their time at the driving range and all the boarders finished up with a round of pool.

On Tuesday evening, .22 shooters showed Miss Hadley how it’s done, or did she show them? Very impressive first attempt! Culinary Delights went back to basics making the classic Fairy Cake and the Warhammer Club continued in earnest with model-making - patience is definitely a virtue for these guys.

Wednesday’s Mystery Madness and Capture the Flag, in the dark, in the Mansion, was quite something - rather manic and lots of screaming! And of course on Wednesdays, we always finish up with hot chocolate, tuck and The Apprentice. Perfect!

Thursday’s Boys Club ran themselves ragged with a game of Great Balls of Fire. You really do have to be there to believe it! Girls Club enjoyed a Movie Night in their pyjamas with more hot chocolate while Cookery Club made delicious strawberry cheesecake. We also enjoyed a visit from the lovely Mrs Leoni Lewis (our Independent Listener).

Apparently, this week’s favourite breakfast went to the New Yorker - bagels, cream cheese and cold meats. Yum!

Liza James

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