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"Excellent arrangements for boarding enable many pupils to enjoy the boarding experience, which contributes strongly to their learning and their personal development"

- ISI Inspection Report 2015

Boarding is an integral part of life at Ashfold.

Children who take part in our programme of evening activities may also choose to board up to three nights a week from Form III (Year 5) and up to four nights a week from Form IV (Year 6). Many children start by boarding once a week and increase the number of nights as they gain confidence.

Boarding Wing 1Our newly refurbished boarding accommodation is spread across the first floor of the Mansion and provides a comfortable and homely environment where children can relax with their friends in the evening. There are separate dormitories for boys and girls and children are encouraged to make their area of their dorm their own by bringing in a favourite duvet cover or a cuddly toy from home. There is a games room with a pool table, table football and a television with Wii and Xbox One, as well as a sitting room with space to play games and watch television.

Drinks and snacks are available in the Boarding Wing at all times and there is tuck on Wednesdays.

Our Housemistress, Fiona Laughton runs the Boarding Wing with a dedicated team of staff who are always on hand to support and supervise the boarders. Children may phone home during the evening and Fiona remains in close contact with parents.

Boarding Familiarisation Evenings

We hold Boarding Familiarisation Evenings during the Summer Term for children in Form II (Year 4). These evenings give children the opportunity to take part in an evening activity and to sample boarding life so that they can make an informed decision about taking up these opportunities in Form III (Year 5).

"New boarders feel immediately welcome"

- ISI Inspection Report 2015

Parents are also invited to attend a presentation about our programme of evening activities and boarding and to go on a tour of the Boarding Wing.

Why boarding?

"The outcomes for boarders are excellent"

"Boarders are articulate, polite and sociable"

- ISI Inspection Report 2015

We believe that children benefit enormously from boarding at Ashfold. Most children begin by boarding one night a week and increase the number of nights as they become more confident and experience the fun of boarding.

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Boarding at Ashfold has many advantages...

  • It offers the perfect opportunity for children to learn to take responsibility for themselves and become more independent.
  • It allows children to spend more time together to share experiences and develop friendships. They become part of the boarding community where they learn to be considerate and respect others.
  • It helps children gain confidence and develop interpersonal skills in a warm, supportive, family environment.
  • It allows children to take full advantage of our programme of evening activities. They benefit from extra time to pursue their interests and make the most of Ashfold’s excellent facilities.
  • It provides both parents and children with an opportunity to find out whether boarding might be an option when choosing a senior school.
  • It helps busy parents juggling work commitments with school runs and after-school clubs.
  • It offers a positive, rewarding and fun experience and children love it!

Boarding Routines

5.55pm Prep ends and children change into home clothes
6.00pm Supper in the Main Dining Room
6.30pm Evening Activities start
7.30pm Evening Activities end
Boarders meet in the Senior Dining Room for drinks and snacks and registration
8.10pm Children shower, clean shoes, tidy dorms and enjoy free time
8.45pm Bedtime - Forms III & IV (Years 5 & 6) read quietly in bed
8.55pm Whispers - Forms III & IV
9.00pm Lights out - Forms III & IV
9.15pm Bedtime - Forms V & VI (Years 7 & 8) read quietly in bed
9.25pm Whispers - Forms V & VI
9.30pm Lights out - Forms V & VI
7.20am Wake up
7.40am Breakfast in the Main Dining Room
8.00am Children get ready for the day and report to Housemistress before school
8.15am Registration in classrooms


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