MeetOur Team

  • Senior Leadership Team
    • Mr Colin MacIntosh MA Hons


      Mr Colin MacIntosh
    • Mr Anthony Macpherson MA Hons QTS

      Deputy Head

      Mr Anthony Macpherson
    • Mr Adrian Downie BA Hons QTS

      Director of Studies, Head of History & Form 6 Tutor

      Mr Adrian Downie
    • Mrs Elaine Giliomee BEd

      Head of Pre-Prep and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

      Mrs Elaine Giliomee
    • Mr Owen Venables BA Hons QTS

      Director of Sport, Head of French & Form 5 Tutor

      Mr Owen Venables
    • Mr Shaun Frise BSc Hons QTS

      Head of Science & Head of Co-Curricular

      Mr Shaun Frise
    • Miss Freya Gye MA Hons, MSt, PGCE QTS

      Head of English and Form 4 Tutor

      Miss Freya Gye
    • Mr James Edmonds BA Hons, PGCE QTS

      Head of Juniors and Form 1 Tutor

      Mr James Edmonds
    • Mr Nick Rudston B Com, H Dip Acc and CA (SA)


      Mr Nick Rudston
  • Teaching Staff
    • Miss Bella Hemsley BSc Hons, IPGCE

      Head of PE and Form 4 Tutor

      Miss Bella Hemsley
    • Mr Phil Cave HND

      Head of Art

      Mr Phil Cave
    • Mr Bertie Hopkin

      Head of Boys Games, Acting Head of Boarding

      Mr Bertie Hopkin
    • Mrs Melanie Edmonds BEd Hons QTS

      Pre-Prep 4 Form Teacher

      Mrs Melanie Edmonds
    • Mrs Caroline Germany BA Hons QTS

      Head of Classics

      Mrs Caroline Germany
    • Mrs Carol Goodman BSc Hons QTS

      Form 3 Tutor

      Mrs Carol Goodman
    • Mrs Jayne Hill BA Hons QTS

      Form 1 Tutor

      Mrs Jayne Hill
    • Mrs Kerry Lloyd BSc Hons QTS

      Science Teacher and Science Technician

      Mrs Kerry Lloyd
    • Mrs Pam Lawson BA Hons QTS

      Head of Design Technology

      Mrs Pam Lawson
    • Mrs Anna MacIntosh MBchB PGCE

      Form 2 Tutor

      Mrs Anna MacIntosh
    • Miss Sarah Morley BA Hons QTS

      Head of Girls Games, Head of Equestrian & Form 2 Tutor

      Miss Sarah Morley
    • Miss Amanda Goldsmith LLB Hons QTS

      Head of Maths & Form 5 Tutor

      Miss Amanda Goldsmith
    • Mr Richard Parsons BA Hons QTS

      Head of Geography & Form 3 Tutor

      Mr Richard Parsons
    • Mrs Jan Price BEd Hons QTS

      Head of TPR and PHSE, Form 6 Tutor and Pastoral Lead for Senior Girls

      Mrs Jan Price
    • Mrs Charlotte Snaith BEd Hons QTS

      Deputy Head of Pre-Prep Department & Pre-Prep 2 Form Teacher, WAC Manager

      Mrs Charlotte Snaith
    • Ms Santana Van Der Sluis BEd Hons QTS

      Pre-Prep 1 Form Teacher

      Ms Santana Van Der Sluis
    • Mrs Lorraine Watson-Parris

      French Teacher

      Mrs Lorraine Watson-Parris
    • Mrs Kiron Wilcox BA Hons QTS

      Pre-Prep 2 Form Teacher

      Mrs Kiron Wilcox
    • Mrs Elisa Woodford BSc BEd

      Pre-Prep 3 Form Teacher

      Mrs Elisa Woodford
    • Mrs Lynette Britnell BA Hons

      Drama Teacher

      Mrs Lynette Britnell
    • Mr Chris Lovell BEng(Hons) MBA QTS

      Head of IT and Computing

      Mr Chris Lovell
    • Miss Anna Leon BA Hons, ABRSM

      Director of Music

      Miss Anna Leon
    • Mrs Terry Rudston PPrimEd (Bachelor of Primary Education), Further Dip in Ed:SEN (SA)

      Pre-Prep 3 Form Teacher

      Mrs Terry Rudston
    • Miss Lucy Goldman BA Hons, PGCE

      Form 2 Tutor

      Miss Lucy Goldman
    • Mrs Christine de Lauriston

      French Teacher

      Mrs Christine de Lauriston
    • Miss Chrystia Reynolds

      Pre-Prep 4 Form Teacher

      Miss Chrystia Reynolds
  • Teaching Assistants & Technicians
    • Mrs Charlotte Bosley

      DT Technician

      Mrs Charlotte Bosley
    • Mrs Nichola Chalmers

      Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant

      Mrs Nichola Chalmers
    • Mrs Ieanette Clark

      Junior Department Teaching Assistant

      Mrs Ieanette Clark
    • Ms Rachel Collins

      Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant & Wrap-around Care Assistant

      Ms Rachel Collins
    • Mrs Suzanna Dryden

      Senior Department Teaching Assistant

      Mrs Suzanna Dryden
    • Mrs Karen Gornall

      Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant

      Mrs Karen Gornall
    • Ms Lynn Honey

      Junior Department Teaching Assistant

      Ms Lynn Honey
    • Mrs Lucy Rowles

      Senior Department Teaching Assistant

      Mrs Lucy Rowles
    • Mrs Charlotte Taylor

      Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant

      Mrs Charlotte Taylor
    • Mrs Jasmine Austin-Webb

      Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant and Wrap-around Care Assistant

      Mrs Jasmine Austin-Webb
    • Miss Catherine Chapman

      Wardrobe Assistant

      Miss Catherine Chapman
    • Mrs Joely Golding-Kuhn

      Art Assistant

      Mrs Joely Golding-Kuhn
    • Mrs Izzy Harris

      Senior Department Teaching Assistant

      Mrs Izzy Harris
    • Miss Kelly Atkins

      Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant & Wrap-Around Care Assistant

      Miss Kelly Atkins
    • Mrs Debbie Berrell

      Forest School Lead

      Mrs Debbie Berrell
    • Miss Hannah Baxter

      Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant and Wrap-around Care Assistant

      Miss Hannah Baxter
  • Learning Support Staff
    • Mrs Joanna Byron MSc PG Cert Special Educational Needs Coordination

      Head of Learning Support

      Mrs Joanna Byron
    • Mrs Christina Marsh BEd Hons QTS

      Learning Support Teacher

      Mrs Christina Marsh
  • Support Staff
    • Mrs Jenny Bathurst


      Mrs Jenny Bathurst
    • Mrs Annabel Sandle

      HR & Compliance Manager

      Mrs Annabel Sandle
    • Mrs Sally Davies

      Catering Manager

      Mrs Sally Davies
    • Mrs Fiona Grainge BA Hons

      Head of Admissions and Marketing

      Mrs Fiona Grainge
    • Mrs Julie Hewitt

      Finance Manager

      Mrs Julie Hewitt
    • Mrs Jo Mannall


      Mrs Jo Mannall
    • Mrs Evie McCleary

      Headmaster's PA

      Mrs Evie McCleary
    • Mrs Fiona Russ AIQPS

      Assistant Director of Music and Old Ashfoldians' Secretary

      Mrs Fiona Russ
    • Mrs Alison Shepherd


      Mrs Alison Shepherd
    • Mrs Charlotte Taylor

      Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant

      Mrs Charlotte Taylor
    • Mr Elliott Webb

      First Line ICT Engineer

      Mr Elliott Webb
    • Mrs Rachael Vosper-Brown

      Assistant Matron

      Mrs Rachael Vosper-Brown
    • Mrs Anne Ketteridge

      Independent Listener

      Mrs Anne Ketteridge
    • Mrs Heather Coles


      Mrs Heather Coles
    • Miss Hannah Stobart

      Music Graduate and Boarding Assistant

      Miss Hannah Stobart
    • Mr Matthew Branch

      Facilities and Estate Manager

      Mr Matthew Branch
    • Mr Scott Humphries

      Head Groundsman

      Mr Scott Humphries
  • Sports Coaches
    • Mr Ross Layton

      Football Coach

      Mr Ross Layton
    • Mr Ben Woodford

      Hockey Coach

      Mr Ben Woodford
    • Mr Nigel Bruce

      Cricket Coach

      Mr Nigel Bruce
    • Mrs Kate Beck

      Dance Teacher

      Mrs Kate Beck
    • Mrs Emma Keys

      Triathlon Coach

      Mrs Emma Keys
    • Mr Ian Keys

      Triathlon Coach

      Mr Ian Keys
    • Mr James Woodwards

      Tennis Coach

      Mr James Woodwards
    • Mrs Carolyn Davis

      Netball Coach

      Mrs Carolyn Davis
    • Mr Jake Ashby

      Rugby Coach

      Mr Jake Ashby
    • Jaypee Wentzel

      Sports Coach

      Jaypee Wentzel
  • Visiting Music Staff
    • Ms Clare Adams

      Bassoon, Recorder & Piano Teacher

      Ms Clare Adams
    • Mr Thomas Mark

      Electric Guitar & Bass Guitar Teacher

      Mr Thomas Mark
    • Ms Sarah Payne

      Piano Teacher

      Ms Sarah Payne
    • Mr Steve Vintner

      Percussion Teacher

      Mr Steve Vintner
    • Miss Emma Brown

      Singing Teacher

      Miss Emma Brown
    • Mrs Melanie Descrettes

      Piano & Cello Teacher

      Mrs Melanie Descrettes
    • Mrs E Terrett

      Violin Teacher

      Mrs E Terrett
    • Mr R Exall

      Woodwind Teacher

      Mr R Exall
    • Mr G Bruno

      Music Teacher

      Mr G Bruno
  • GAP Students
    • Jacob Ham

      GAP Student, Boarding Assistant and Sports Coach

      Jacob Ham
    • Eddie Fowle

      GAP student

      Eddie Fowle
    • Dess Coleman

      GAP student

      Dess Coleman
    • Jonah Broadbent

      Gap Student

      Jonah Broadbent
  • LAMDA Teacher
    • Ms Elaine English

      Drama Teacher

      Ms Elaine English