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Educake Science

This term we launched Educake, an online science platform, to help reinforce the children’s recall of key scientific terms and develop their application of Science topics covered at school.

It is pleasing to report that during the first term, children in Forms IV – VI have answered over 11,000 questions with an accuracy rate of more than 80%. What’s more, almost two-thirds of questions have been attempted at home.

We have also found a positive correlation between the number of questions that each child answered and the percentage they achieved in their examinations.

Feedback from the children has been very positive - Educake allows them to revise higher level content more easily, with instant feedback and importantly, an opportunity to improve. It also means that the children can effectively consolidate their interest in all things scientific, whilst focusing on the development of practical skills in lessons.

Thank you to our parents for supporting this new venture.

Shaun Frise
Head of Science

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