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Boarding - Week 6

We’ve had a great couple of weeks on the Boarding Wing.

Firstly, a big thank you to Mr David Cheetham, our Independent Listener, for visiting us. It’s always a pleasure to see him and we are very grateful to him for giving us his time.

In Evening Activities, the Robotics Club continues to build, test and adjust their fantastic devices. Meanwhile, our thespians are working hard on their scripts for the Senior Musical – you really are in for a treat next term! And competition is getting very serious at the bowling alley on Tuesday evenings and not just with the children!

It’s official! Mr Hopkin says Wednesday evening is his favourite night of the week and who can blame him with the amount of laughter being had at Game Night and, of course, there is tuck too.

Girls Club continues to be brilliant fun - roller blading with light-up balloons, quilts, pillows and popcorn, not to mention hot chocolate and marshmallows. Girls really do just want to have fun!

The boarding staff wish you all a well-deserved half term break and are looking forward to the second half.

Only 70 days until Christmas!!

Liza James
Head of Boarding

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